King Eider Duck Hunting In Greenland

We have been hunting in Greenland for 8 years. Our guides are Greenlandic natives .  

We are now offering for the Spring of 2019 , King Eider Duck Hunts . 

Our hunts will take place near Sisimiut, which is located on the West Coast of Greenland very close to the Arctic Circle , Sisimuit is serviced by 2 Air routes . 

 1. Copenhagen Denmark then Kangerlussauq on to Sisimuit 

 2. Reykjavik Iceland then Nuuk Greenland on to Sisimuit . 

 From most cities expect about $2000 in Airfare .  

Travel with fire arms to Greenland , no problem . 

Our hunters will be accommodated , in both small hotels and village houses near hunting areas. 

Hunts will be conducted both in open sea , long fijords out of boats as well as hunting out of blinds.  

6 nights 4 days of King Eider hunting and 1 day to rest, explore , or Hunt Arctic hares. ( this day a insurance day in case of bad weather) 

The King Eider limit is 15 birds , we anticipate,  100 % in 2-3 days.  

Hunts are all inclusive from arrival in Sisimiut to departure. 

Season Duration :November-March 31st.                                 Cost $5000

Additional Information

Getting to Greenland

The fastest way to Greenland is through Denmark because of the direct flights from Copenhagen to Kangerlussauq. There are flights from Iceland, but they depart in the evening and require at least one stop in Greenland prior to the flight to Kangerlussauq.   

I have found the best flights to Copenhagen are Icelandair, WOW airlines , SAS  Norwegian air. They are normally $600-1000 round trip. 

*Remember most USA flights to Copenhagen depart in the evenings (with a 6 hour time  difference) and flight times from the East Coast are about 7-8 hours. 

You will arrive in  Copenhagen after a quick stop in Reykjavik Iceland or other European cities about 12 noon.  Thus having to stay overnight in Copenhagen . 

Our hunts are mostly Monday to Friday or Monday to Monday. 

Clients would need to depart their home cities on a Saturday evening arriving Sunday late morning. 

Then you will  overnight in Copenhagen, and depart Copenhagen to Kangerlussauq Monday morning. You will  be returning Friday late morning and arriving in Copenhagen early evening. 

You will then  overnight Friday night and leaving Copenhagen Saturday morning. 

This causes us to gain back  6-9 hours in time difference, arriving in home city mid-day Saturday (or depending on departure  day).  

*Kangerlussauq in Western Greenland is located just above the Arctic Circle .  It is near the top end of the longest fijord in Greenland 120 mile long Sondre Stromfijord.  

*The Kangerlussauq airport is Greenlands largest, and is serviced Monday thru Friday by the National Air Carrier Air Greenland (these tickets must be bought separately from, and expect about $900-1200)   from Copenhagen Denmark.  

*The 2133 mile flight takes about 4 hours and 20 minutes. From Denmark you cross 4 time zones. So,with most flights departing at 9:15 AM you arrive 9:40 AM local time.  

*With the flight returning from Kangerlussauq to Copenhagen, most flights depart 11:40 and you  arrive about 8 PM local time . 

 *Because of the flights going to Greenland in the morning and returning to Denmark late  evenings you will need to overnight in Denmark both ways.

Local Hotels

These are all hotels we have used with over 150 clients

The cheapest one that I like is Metro Cabin (about $70 USD) about 2 miles from Copenhagen  Airport.  

Two other hotels that I really like are: 

Tivoli hotel ($200 USD approximately)  

Bella Sky($250 USD approximately) 

both about 3 miles from Copenhagen Airport. 

What to Bring

Western Greenland is surprisingly an Arctic Desert. 

The ground is dry, sandy, and rocky  grasslands. Although it is also surprisingly mountainous, so good leather boots are what you  might wear on a typical Western hunt.  

Here is the typical weather mid August through mid September:  

Aug 14th Highs 61 F lows 40 F  

Aug 21st 58 F / 36 F  

Aug 28th. 55 F / 32 F  

Sept 4th. 52 F / 30 F  

Sept 11th 50 F / 28 F  

Sept. 18th 47 F / 26 F  

Sept. 24th. 45 F / 24 F  

Highs are mid afternoon, lows night and early morning.  

Sunrise in mid August will be 6:30 AM  Sun Set 8 PM (there will be long lingering pre sunrises and the same for sunsets) 

Mid Sept Sunrise 7 AM with Sunset 7 PM. 

In August we do get rains, but they don't seem to be heavy.They are more misty like.  

September is drier, but morning snow becomes more common within the month. 

So, some light  rain gear is necessary.  Bring layered clothing for the particular week you hunt, also a day pack.

The Camps and Hunting

The camps are accessed by jet boats up glacial rivers. 

The camps consist of both cabins  and/or just wall tents. 

Both cabins and wall tents are propane heated . 

Generally there are 2 beds  per wall tents. Because the tents are heated you only need a moderate sleeping bag,good to  around 40 f .   

In the camps we have a central cook and dinning tent. 

The days will start with a cooked  breakfast and finish with a cooked supper. 

Many of the meals utilize local fish and game

Hunting Methods

We rotate hunters using various methods: walking from camp and taking boats up and down the river.  

The Musk Ox are mostly found in the wide river valleys. 

The caribou tend to be up the  ridge lines and mountains .  

We are 100 % successful with Musk Ox regardless of weapons. 

With Caribou,we are  99% successful with Rifles and about 50 % with archery .  

After collecting your trophies, Musk Ox and Caribou, you are welcome to hunt small game. 

Sometimes fishing for Arctic Char is available. 

Arctic Fox and Arctic Hare tend to be common,  sometimes Patridigium, and Ducks and Geese are around .  

After your hunt, we often take hunters up on Polar Ice Cap ( which covers 90 % of the Island ).  From Kangerlussauq, there is a drive up one of the few roads in Greenland that goes to the Ice Cap. This is the only such road in the country, and the drive is spectacular.  

Trophy Shipment

All trophies are sent to Denmark and are tanned by a company called First Class Trophy.  

The tanning quality is first class. We have had a ton of great results! 

Your tanned trophies will  arrive in the USA normally about 9 months .

What We Need From Clients

*All hunts paid for a minimum of 30 days prior to hunt .  


*Photo Page of Passport  

*US customs form 4457, articles taken aboard  

*Complete flight itinerary 

*US hunting license valid during travel  

*US carry permit (not necessary, but helpful)