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Fly Fishing in Yugoslavia

We offer fishing throughout Yugoslavia, rivers and streams of Slovenia are the finest in Europe.  Beautiful color, many famous rivers, the Iconic Soca, Sava, and many others.         

In Slovenia we target several Trout species and Grayling .   

Very good natural Brown Trout and introduced Rainbows that grow to exceptional size.

We also have 2 species of Grayling which are said to be the largest Grayling in the world .    

Slovenia is home to Arguabally the best Marble Trout found in the world, located in the Soca river and tributaries. To the surprise of many, we have European Taimen ( Hucho Hucho ).

We work with the famous Sasa, I feel the best Hucho Guide in the business.          

We also fish near by Croatia and Bosnia , both countries have amazing pristine streams with many waterfalls. Plivice National park known as "the land of falling water" has hundreds of water falls.        

We offer multi river and multi country fly fishing tours .          

$500 per day based on 2 clients per guide .        

$400 per day based on 4 clients per 2 guides   

we suggest a 5 day minimum   

Trips are all inclusive from Ljubljana Slovenia or Zagreb Croatia airports.             

Includes transportation from Airport, duration of trip and return .     

Accomodation in small hotels .   

Complete 3 meals.       

Guiding and all licenses. 

Seasons for Trout and Grayling prime     May - October  

                        European Taimen,  Hucho Hucho       October-february       

Fishing may be combined with several hunting options.      

For example: summer Roe deer add on starting at $1200

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The former countries of Yugoslavia, encompass some very rugged country, high mountains, and the deepest canyon in Europe. The only uncut forest, beautiful rivers,  and streams. As a matter of fact the cleanest waters in Europe, fantastic unspoiled both beautiful / uninhabited beaches. Villages and cities steeped in history, from walled mideveil fortified cities to Marco Polos home Korcula.            The country is tri cultured,  which adds spice and excitement! This culture diversity also created 1000 years of division and fracture. The entire region is completely quite and safe . I have been a hunting outfitter in this region for many years. I have pursued with my partners, now my best friends.  We have hunted Mouflon Sheep in the Krast type mountains. Sometimes  walking the Napollean Road or climbing the high alps for Chamois and Ibex. We have waited in the boreal forest for Bear, Wolf, and huge Wild Boar .  After over 20 years I realized after seeing Africa, the high mountains of Asia and others , I love Yugoslavia, it's people, and the rivers that run thru it.