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Duck Hunting in Azerbaijan

We offer a ducking package with our long term hunting partner.

We have been hunting Dagestan Tur with this partner nearly 13 years.

Azerbaijan is a exotic location , but very safe and relatively easy to get to via Frankfurt or Istanbul.   Flights run about $1200 to $1400. 

We meet our clients in the exciting ancient Capital Baku . Generally Clients overnight and tour the city before next days 4 hour trip .  We stay in very nice comfortable village houses, near the Lagoons on the Caspian Sea , the largest fresh water sea in the world . 

Azerbaijan has no bag limits , Many species of Ducks and Geese may be encountered . These Species include, but are not limited to: 

1. Wigeon


3. Mallard

4. Pintail

5. Shoveler

6. Blue-winged teal

7. Green winged teal

8. Garganey

9. Marbled teal

10. Common shelduck

11. Greylag Goose

12. Red-crested pochard

13. Common pochard

14. Tufted duck

This unique Waterfowl hunt includes 5 days hunting,  plus transport days from Baku . 

Meet and greet in Baku Azerbaijan. 

Transportation from Baku to hunting area and return.

Accmodation in nice houses and all meals during hunting period .

Guided hunts from boats and blinds with decoys . 

Skinning of Ducks and first preparation for transport back to USA ( up to 15 peices ) .

Cost per hunter  $4000                         Groups of 4, per client $3400

Services not included: Permission for personal shotgun. If the hunter wants to bring their own shotgun, per each shotgun, payment is $350 USD.

We give the following shotguns for rent: 

Beretta Urika,  Benelli Bellmonte,  and Huglu shotgun.

Rent a shotgun per day, payment is $30 USD

Cartridges cost per box $10-$15 USD (25 pieces)

Season Duration: November-March