Eastern Dagestan Tur (Capra Cylinricorns), a large member of the goat family, can be up to almost 350 pounds and are typically 250-300 pounds, with horns that are 30-39 inches long. The Eastern Tur inhabits the Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan and Russia. Our Dagestan Tur hunts are conducted out of the Ismayilli and Guba areas. Base camp is about 5 hours from the Capital City of Baku. Base camp is about 6500 feet and spike camps are up to 12000 feet!

Hunting the Caucasus Mountains are a classic and rich experience, the mountains are awe inspiring and the Dagestan people are as proud as they are hospitable. You will leave Azerbaijan a richer person for having lived one of the greatest Sheep hunts.
Hunters arrive in Baku International Airport, where we generally spend the first night in a very nice hotel. We travel 5 hours a day, and then begin five day hunts on the following day then return to Baku on day 7. Baku is located on the Caspian Sea and is an old and historic city being a crossroads city between Europe and both the Middle East and Far East. It is flavored with the many spices of the worlds cultures.



Our Eastern Dagestan Tur Hunts are an incredible value at $8500* for groups of 2 or greater.

Our hunts include: English speaking hosts from Vienna to Vienna 7
day trip, 5 full days of hunting, trophy care which include boiling, fleshing, salting, etc...and veterinary permits (You take the trophy home with you)

Two types of hunts are offered are driven and classic spot and stalk, or a combination of both.
On the driven hunts there are no time requirements to get to the ambush points, so a hunter can go at whatever pace is necessary to the prearranged ambush points. The classic spot and stalk hunts are conducted out of spike camps on top of the mountains, these hunts are very physical, but very exciting with hunters most of the time seeing up to hundreds of Tur in a few days.


Caucasus Chamois may be hunted as well for a Trophy fee of $2500* or additional days may be arranged for $350* per day. Some very large Roe Deer also inhabit the bottoms.

*Prices are subject to some fluctuation due to the changing currency exchange rate.

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