Triple Chamois Hunt

   Slovenia                      Macedonia                 Romania

The 3 Chamois of Central Europe

The Alpine Chamois
The Alpine Chamois is the most common Chamois. It's found throughout the Alps.
Population approximately 750,000.
From east to west the population is found in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Bavaria, Liechtenstein, & The French Alps.

The Balkan Chamois
The Balkan Chamois are throughout the Balkan Peninsula.
Population approximately 35,000
Huntable Populations are in Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia & Croatia. They are also found in Greece and Albania but with much smaller populations.



The Carpathian Chamois
The Carpathian Chamois is the largest Chamois in the world and one of the rarest.
Population approximately 9,000
They're hunted only in Romania.

Point Blank Hunts Triple Chamois Hunt

We hunt our Alpine Chamois almost entirely in Slovenia. The area is near lake Bled just 45 minutes from the Nation's Capital and Airport Lubijana.
The country is high but road access is very good.
The Slovenia Alpine Chamois Season is August 1- December 31

We hunt the Balkan Chamois in 4 counties; Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, & Croatia. The best is Macedonia followed by Croatia.
In Macedonia we hunt on a large government reserve only 1 hour south of Skopje. This area could be the very best Chamois hunt in the world. So far most of our clients have taken their Chamois in 1 day.
Croatia is also good. The hunting areas in Croatia are located in high and arid mountains which fall right into the sea.

The Carpathian Chamois we hunt on the extreme Southern Carpathian Mountains. The climate is influenced by both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Due to the southern position we can hunt the entire season.
I feel the Carpathian Chamois is the most difficult to hunt. We hunt them on cliffs generally surrounded by trees. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get to these areas. Also the infrastructure is much poorer then most countries.
Traga Jiu is about a 12 hour drive from the hunting area in Slovenia but only 7 hours from the hunting area in Macedonia.
The Carpathian season is September 15- December 15.

Hunting and Logistics
We begin hunts in either Lubijana, Slovenia or Skopje, Macedonia.
Clients are met at the airport by Joe Jakab who will accompany the hunters throughout the entire trip.
Chamois hunts are scheduled as 3 day hunts with 1 day travel between the hunts. We hunt Chamois until successful, and then depart for the next location. (Chamois are normally taken in 1-2 days but we can leave early or stay longer if needed.)
Trips are 13 days arrival to departure. For example:

Day 1 Arrive Skopje, Macedonia or Lubijana, Slovenia
Day 2-4 Hunt Macedonia or Slovenia
Day 5 Drive to Romania
Day 6-8 Hunt Romania
Day 9 Travel to last hunt area (Macedonia or Slovenia)
Day 10-12 Hunt Macedonia or Slovenia
Day 13 Depart Skopje, Macedonia or Lubijana, Slovenia


Triple Chamois $16,500 13 days
Accommodations are small hotels or hunting lodges, very comfortable.
All licenses & Permits included. Good solid representative Chamois up to 95 CIC points included.
A detailed pricelist for upgrades and many additional species will be provided, for example in Romania most hunters over shoots their Chamois and end up with about a $1,000 surcharge.
If a hunter shoots 3 gold medal Chamois at 110 CIC points it would be an additional $6,000 above package, but to do this would be very difficult.

Packages do not include alcoholic beverages and trophy shipment. (About $500)

Best time is early October - early November.
Possible September 10 - December 20

2010 hunts $16,500 Deposit $4,000
Gold Medal VIP Hunts $22,000 (Trophy hunt for high end Gold Medal Chamois)
Many other species are available to hunt like:
European Brown Bear, Wolves, Roe Deer, Red Deer,
Mouflon Sheep, Alipine and Kri Kri Ibex.

*Prices are subject to some fluctuation due to the changing currency exchange rate.

Contact Joe:
Joe Jakab
527 McNeilly Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15226