The American Southwest

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        In Northern New Mexico, we hunt Units 6A and 7, which are not difficult to draw. (Bulls in Northern New Mexico do not average as big as in the South, Northern New Mexico produces a lot of 5X5s – 6X6s from 240-290 B&C with a few much larger. Southern New Mexico produces a lot of 280-320 type of Bulls, with some Bulls hitting 400 and above. Our biggest bull last year was a 363 P&Y Gross taken in Unit 15. We hunt Rifle Units 16A, 16D, 16E we hunt a lot of primitive weapon hunters in Units 13, 15, and 17. Rifle Tags in Southern New Mexico are difficult to draw about 12-15% chance. Muzzle Tags vary from 25-50%. In New Mexico you get 3 choices on an application and up to 4 hunters may apply together.

        We have very high success with Muzzleloader hunters. We specialize in late season hunts. We have found Bull Elk immediately after the rut when most Elk Seasons occur are difficult to find and hunt. Later in the season the Bulls after resting up from the rut, separate from the herds and begin feeding more to restore fat reserves for the winter. We find bulls year after year in the exact locations during the pre-winter hunts. Point Blank Hunts does a lot of Aerial Scouting for these hunts as well.

On all Elk Hunts, hunters are accommodated in ranch style houses with home cooked meals.

        Point Blank Hunts also hunts Mule Deer adjacent to the Jicarrilla Indian Reservation. These hunts are fun with high success on Bucks averaging 22-27 inches with the possibility of a Booner coming off the Reservation. These tags have been 100% draw odds through our Outfitter Pool.

The Gila
Southern New Mexico
Rifle & Muzzleloader Hunts are 5 days.  Archery Hunts are 6 days.

2x1 hunts are $4500, 1x1 hunts are $5500

Elk Rifle
Units 16a & d

October 16-20  &  October 23-27

License Cost

Draw Odds

Elk Muzzleloader
Unit 13, 15

October 16-20  &  October 23-27

$562- $787

35- 65%

Elk Archery 3 Seperate Seasons from September 1-24    

Elk Muzzleloader
Unit 13, 15

November 20-24



Northern New Mexico
2x1 Elk hunts are $2900,  1x1 Elk hunts are $3900
2x1 Deer hunts are $2500

Elk Rifle
Units 6a

October 16- 20, October 23-27

License Cost

Draw Odds
35- 45%

Deer Rifle

November 6-10




        In Eastern Kansas (Unit 12 & 14) we hunt several private ranches between Sedan and Eureka, Kansas, all of these properties range in size from 240 - 1500 acres. We have over 5000 acres to hunt on. The habitat is a mosaic of pasture, agricultural, CRP, and river bottoms. We take one hunter per 500 acres per week.  Hunting is primarily done from both ladder stands and enclosed pop up ground blinds.  In past seasons we have found the rut peaks around November 20th and continues right through the rifle season. We prefer our hunters to hunt the entire day, as we have killed many good bucks midday. In 2006 we had 12 hunters in Unit 12. The 12 hunters killed 9 bucks, 7 were from 120 B&C score to 185 gross. An eastern Kansas a shooter buck, in my opinion, is 135 - 145 B&C. although the area produces several 170s and better year after year.  Our hunts include ranch house accommodations and home cooked meals, transportation to the stands, trophy care, quartering and freezing of skins and meat.

            South West Kansas (Unit 16) is arguably one of the best trophy hot spots in North America .  In 2006 the 2 firearm hunters took a 162 and a 168 B&C Buck. Unit 16 is very difficult to draw. A hunter can almost expect a 160 calls Buck or bigger. The chances of drawing a Unit 16 tag are around 5%. Our guide in Unit 16 is a very serious bow hunter with several 160-170 bucks under his belt.

All Kansas drawing applications have to be turned in by May 30, this can be done online with a credit card.

A non-resident license is $322, A Kansas resident license is $72.15

Deer Firearms
Unit 12 &14

December 1-12

Hunts are 5 days


Deer Archery
Unit 12 &14

October 1- December 31

Hunts are 7 days


Deer Firearms or Archery
Unit 16

(same dates as above) Hunts are 6 days, with a maximum of only 2 clients a year $5000
(includes non-resident deer tag)


Aoudad Sheep are originally from North Africa, where they are becoming very scarce. They were released in the Davies Mountains in West Texas in 1948. The mountains in West Texas are much like the sheep’s former range and the Aoudads have flourished here.
Aoudad Sheep are extremely wary and difficult to hunt. The hunt requires long hours of glassing and strenuous hikes in the high desert mountains. We hunt on large private ranches in the Davies.  We also hunt deer on most of the property that we hunt Aoudad along with Javilina, Feral Hogs, and Quail.

West Texas

Aoudad 5 day hunt 1x1




Desert Mule Deer

5 day hunt

$3000- $5500

Desert Mule Deer & Whitetail

5 day hunt


Hogs, Javilina & Quail

3 day hunt


Rio Grande Turkey

3 day hunt

2 Birds


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