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Hungary is a country rich in beauty and history, settled over 1000 years ago by the Magyars. Hungary has an ancient honored tradition of hunting. Hungary retains the ambience of old Europe, the villages are hundreds of years old and castles dot the ancient wooded hill sides. The infrastructure of the country is excellent and every village has fine restaurants with excellent food at bargain prices.
The Jakab family is an old Hungarian family going back many hundreds of years. Joe Jakab’s parents left Hungary in 1956 during a revolution against Russia. Joe speaks Hungarian and has spent considerable time in Hungary and the neighboring countries. Hungary is not only a fantastic place to visit with your better half but the hunting is some of the best in Europe. We also offer combining hunting in Hungary with Slovakia, Czech Rep, Austria, and Romania.
Hungary produces excellent Mouflon Sheep, some of the best Fallow, Roe deer, Red Stags, and Wild Boar in the world. Hungarian hunting blocks are some of the largest in Eastern Europe. We offer add on hunts for Alpine Chamois in Austria and Carpathian Chamois in Romania.


Our daily rate of $650* USD for hunters and $250* for non hunters includes everything, except trophy fees and shipping. Some things that are included are: airport pick up and return, all licenses and certificates, meals and accommodations.
Touring before and after a hunt is available for only $200* per day for a car and driver.

Hungarian Packages

5 day hunt 1 Mouflon up to 80cms $8200* September 1 – February 28
5 day hunt 1 Mouflon up to 90cms


5 day hunt 1 Red Stag up to 6kgs $6500* September 1 – January 31
5 day hunt 1 Red Stag up to 9kgs $11500*
5 day hunt 3 Roe bucks any size $5500* May1 – October1

Austrian, Croatian, Romanian, & Slovenian Packages

Austria or Slovenia
4 day hunt
Representative Chamois $4500* September 1- December 31
4 day hunt Gold Medal Chamois $6500* August 1- December 31
Croatia or Macadonia
4 day hunt
Balkan Chamois $5500-$6500* September 1- December 31
4 day hunt
Carpathian Chamois $6500-$9500* September 1- December 15


*Prices are subject to some fluctuation due to the changing currency exchange rate.

Contact Joe:
Joe Jakab
527 McNeilly Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15226